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Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Toddlers with Special Needs

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

I don’t know about you, but this year, I wanted to make Valentine's Day EXTRA special! So, I splurged on a couple of gifts for my daughter (and one for me!). Our children with special needs often have it much tougher than their neurotypical peers -- with multiple blood tests each year, MRIs, surgeries, therapies, and more. That extra holiday joy is often much needed.

Valentine's Day isn’t the only day that we can focus on making their lives a little sweeter. But why not make Valentine’s Day even more sweet? Here are some gifts ideas for your special sweetheart this holiday:

Neon Hearts Pajamas - 1212. These are also available in a Mama version too, so you can match your little one. I did! Other prints are available here. 1212 clothing is made from all organic cotton and their pieces SUPER soft!

Another great gift option from 1212: Mama & Me sweatshirts. You can custom embroider one for you and one for your little.

Monica + Andy’s Crew Neck Sweatshirt (currently 20% off your first order when you sign up for emails).

When purchasing gifts for my daughter, I always look for things that will help her with her development and fine motor skills. This book is great for your kiddo to practice using their pointer finger and building their fine motor skills! Plus, it’s super fun and engaging!

This Pop Bubble Fidget Toy is another great one for fine motor skill development.

This adorable Heart Pendant Chewy is ideal for those kiddos who are still mouthing and seeking oral sensory input. (Talk to you child's OT about whether a chewy necklace might be beneficial for your child.)

ARK has wonderful chewy options, and these Flower Wand Chewys make the perfect bouquet! Chewy wands are great to offer your child before meals to stimulate and strengthen their mouths to help with chewing (and give you some time to prep). They can also be beneficial to offer your child before speech therapy to start to get the mouth warmed up and ready to vocalize! (Talk with your OT and ST about how to best utilize these wands.)

Happy Valentine's Day, loves!

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