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Valentine’s Day 2023 Gift Ideas for Preschool-Aged Children with Special Needs

Below is a curated list of gift ideas for this Valentine's Day to help encourage speech, occupational, and physical development for your special little love (and a special valentine for their classmates!).

Sensory Chewy Necklaces. You can finds these cuties at Amazon. Direct mouthing and chewing at these cute little chewies and save hands and clothes.

Super soft and fluffy Valentine's Day Throw, available at Target. A must-have for a sensory seeking child.

Karen Katz books are a favorite of ours, this one is great for Valentine's Day. The flaps help with fine motor movements and reading to you child will help develop their speech and vocabulary.

Heart Sensory Pop Balls. These balls are great for car ride entrainment and calming down after tantrums or other big emotions. They're also great got teaching cause and effect and isolating the pointer fingers to "pop" the pop-ups.

This Cupid's Fluff is a great sensory activity for kids to unwind after school. And helps strengthen little hands too!

Having trouble choosing valentines for your child's special needs class? Consider these Play Doh Valentines. Play Doh is great for strengthening hands and improving fine motor movement.

Happy Valentine's Day, loves!

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