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Easter Gift Guide for Toddlers with Special Needs

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Spring has sprung and Easter is just around the corner. If you're looking for some creative and fun Easter basket ideas for your child, niece/nephew, grand-daughter/son with special needs, look no further. Below you'll find a unique list of Easter-themed gifts geared toward fine motor skill development, speech, and fun!

Matching Egg Set

Work on shape recognition and matching with these eggs. Great for toddlers who are learning "together" and "apart."

Sundress, Lily Blue – SpearmintLOVE

This Easter dress is about as cute as they come with plenty of room for feeding tube access.

Boy White Bunny Print Bunny Poplin Shirt by Janie and Jack

And it doesn't get much more adorable than this bunny print shirt.

ARK's Flower Chew Necklace | Chewelry | ARK Therapeutic

Working on re-directing mouthing or biting behaviors? Chewy necklaces can be a great alternative to mouthing objects and chewing on fingers and clothing.

Little Kids Fubbles Easter Chick 5oz Bubbles with Wand -

Work on lip rounding for speech and strengthening the tongue for "k" and "g" sounds by practicing blowing bubbles with this super cute chick bubble bottle.

Spritz Refillable Large Plastic Easter Eggs White/Pink 6 Count -

These re-fillable eggs are great for increasing finger dexterity and teaching the concept of "open" and "close" and their corresponding baby signs. Fill with Easter treats for Easter and continue to use after to work work on opening and closing -- teach how to open and close with hand-over-hand until your little one can open and close them on their own.

Carrot Water Bead Filled Squeeze Stress Balls - Sensory, Stress, Fidget Toy - Vegetable Easter OT -

For a sensory-focused gifts, these carrot sensory stress balls work great! Monitor your child if they're still mouthing to make sure they don't take a bite out these. As an added sensory experience, fill the Easter basket with this crinkle grass from Target. For post-Easter fun, you can hide small toys in the grass in a large bowl or plastic storage container and practice getting it. If your child has a sensory processing disorder or is otherwise skittish and afraid of touching the crinkle grass, try gentle exposure for several days until they are no long afraid and start to become curious about how it feels.

Happy Easter!

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