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Christmas Gift Guide 2022 for Your Toddler with Special Needs

Christmas can trigger all kinds of emotions for many parents of children with special needs. Your child may not be mobile or may have a G-tube, all of which can limit your options. You may be buying gifts that are developmentally appropriate for your child but are for much younger children -- and that can sting. But instead of focusing on your child's age or limitations, I've found it helps to focus on comfort and the current therapy goal(s) for your child. Ask your child's therapists for some good gift ideas, I'm sure they'll have several!

This year, our therapy goal is encouraging pretend play. Our daughter recently started preschool, and is working on functional play with toys, including pretend play, in occupational therapy and speech therapy. Below are some gift ideas for pretend play and others!

Plush Christmas Throw. For us, comfort is always front of mind. Life isn't always the most comfortable for our little ones. This throw is extra soft and is great for those cozy holiday snuggles!

Holiday Sweatshirt. Keeping with the comfort vibe, Hanna Andersson's clothes are always extra comfortable. This sweatshirt comes in a few other holidays prints, and it's 50% off!

Critter Slippers. Keep those tosies warm at home in these adorable slippers! These are also 50% off!

Pretend Play Pram. This pretend play pram is a great option for pretend play for toddlers who are walking. There is also a pretend play crib for toddlers who are still crawling.

Dollhouse. This dollhouse has everything! Our daughter is obsessed with stairs and with taking a bath, so it's perfect! Maisonette has lots of options, so you can find the one that your child will love the most.

Chef's Kitchen. This chef's kitchen is great to encourage creative play in the kitchen.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Sweet Manners Tea Set. This interactive tea set is so much fun! When you pour, it makes sounds and encourages play. We saw this on Baby Learning with Miss Rachel (a prior school teacher with a stellar You Tube Channel that is great for speech and early development learning).

Wooden Rescue Vehicles. This toy is great for encouraging fine motor skills and teaching colors! We try to align our gifts with what our daughter is working on in school. They are learning about first responders this month.

Happy Holidays!

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